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Security-Web downloads
« on: June 05, 2017, 02:28:12 PM »
Declaimer :This blog is for informational purpose.I am not responsible for any illegal action you will take after you had read my posts.If you are underage ,mentally retarded or just idiot,please do not read my blog!!!

Hi guys I hope you all doing great!

I suppose you all heard expression "safety first" when is talking about carding.But how much attention did you paid to your safety until now?Today I will like us to have a short chat about downloads from web.Many of us prefer to download free a software from web to safe some money,right?Before download ANY program from web ,take your time and think....what if?
Do you know that any file can contain malware  ,trojans etc which will  infect your computer or get a login to it ?What about IP hunting?Once you download a file from an unknown site,you assume the risk that your real IP been exposed .Best to do?DON'T download anything just because is free!
Well since we don't live in a perfect world and everyone share same problem called money,sometime we have to download files from web but lets try to make it as safe as possible.
Here is a way to safely download files from web.This only protect your IP not your computer against viruses and malware!

1.Always download the files inside RDP.
2.Upload the file to DROPBOX
3.The last step is downloading your file from DROPBOX to your computer.

To avoid your computer being infested ,make sure you scan the file before open it with a very strong anti-visus.

I hope this basic information will keep your IP hidden and your computer clean.
Stay safe and good luck!