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Acceptable age range
Acceptable height or range of heights
acceptable eye color(s)
Hair color
Acceptable Weight range
Intended usage
Including credit
background info
education level
past employment

For those who are not aware, we ( plasticA + USASupply ) are the ONLY providers for NY IDs and fully farmed, clean and Mutually exclusive Identities out there.

Farmed Identity = An identity that is obtained but is no longer in use by the original owner and has a paper trail established. Farmed identities are not in use by anybody, and there is very little to no chance of failure depending on your package. At higher levels they are 100% unbreakable.

They have no image or prints on file at higher levels allowing the buyer to take full control of the identity.
We offer true farmed identities to those who need a long term bullet proof identity for use anywhere in the world and for any reason. We have many options available including:

$1000-$3000 for living mid-long term, no international travel, and living on mostly false documents but authentics can be obtained with some effort and time (not passport)

$3000-5000 is for long term living or high profile uses that consist of mild government contact, nothing extreme but authentics are easily obtained at these levels in most cases, specifically DL, BC, etc... in or out of state. This is best for people with a smaller budget that need the best bang for your buck without the expenses of the fully manufactured ($5000+) IDs but also who don't need a completely bulletproof, will last under full investigation by govt agencies packages

$5000-$8000 is the starting point for guaranteed passports, $5000 and $10,000 are the 2 most common levels but $5000 -$8000 is great if you have funds available as you get a fully manufactured ID (this means it was essentially created from the ground up, there never will or has been a true living person with the same SSN/DLN).

$8000 - $10,000 is still fully manufactured, at these levels there is not a set in stone difference from $8000 to $10,000, but there are slight differences that may or may not be important to you. These levels usually consist of custom paper trails that will point the way you need them to, if you want a degree in a specific field, or employment history at a law firm for example that is where you get in to the $10k packages. Some non custom IDs may run higher than 8 but it depends

Basically, an ID is priced based on many factors, for example:

- The type of ID which is very important
- The likelihood of the owner being found (0% with $5000+)
- Credit
- Past Govt. contact
- The rarity of the physical features
- The amount of info possessed
- The length of time it will last (forever with $5000+)
- the length of the papertrail
- The age of the ID (the older it is, the more expensive as more work is put in over the years since we basically keep the IDs alive artificially)

So the best way to put it is, the more you pay, the better the ID, the less risk you have when using it, and the fewer holes or bad characteristics, consider $10,000 perfect and $5000 as the base line for a completely bulletproof ID that belongs completely to you.

You will receive all the info that is possible to posses. 100% accurate Birth certificate info, DL info, family info, background info, credit history, employment history, past paper trails established, current status of original owner, Whether a passport has been applied for, and many other various details.

Secondly, you will be able to purchase from us the following physical documents:

- NY Driving License
- Birth Certificate
- Employment ID
- SSN Card

Here the possibilities are infinite. This is your Game-Changer option.

- This is a digital service aka digital listing
- We accept escrow
- Our Identities are ONLY of US citizens.
- By purchasing this service you are NOT getting any physical documents
- If physical documents are need you can purchas them separately from our marketplace store
- we do NOT get you a Passport. That document you will achieve yourself step by step utilizing the new Identity you just have obtained with our counterfeit physical, following a simple procedures
- we will NOT teach you how to utilize a new Identity, neither we will be responsible if you burn your new Identity. There is no magic to it, It's an identity , like your real one. Use your common sense.
- We still provide you with all the needed information on how to maintain your new Identity safe and how to apply for any possible original documentation all the way up to a new Passport ( if needed )